A two 2 year-long dissemination plan

All the partners actively contributed to the communication, dissemination and networking activities, creating dissemination content, making intense use of the learning platform and attracting stakeholders to join the DEDALUS online community.


As initial action, the project consortium carried out an activity for communicating the beginning of the project and collecting possibile interest from stakeholders. The news section in this website serves as a continous flow for updating the project moves.

Spreading the desk research

How do Universities and companies deal with Data Literacy? To find an answer to this question, the Consortium of Dedalus managed a research coordinated by the University of Southampton. Please find more details in the website page. Dataninja has created a new report for addressing the italian context. Please there you go to find the downloadable version.

Erasmus Days: 2020 and 2021 editions

Erasmus Days were a crucial momentum to spread the project both for 2020 and 2021. In the 2020 edition, an online event has been organized to discuss the perception of data literacy among universities (full recording available here). While in the last 2021 edition, lessons learnt have been shared during an online workshop with experiences from other projects (full recording available here)

WebSci21 Conference

A workshop focused on the Dedalus project has been during the 13th International ACM Conference on Web Science in 2021 (WebSci’21), an interdisciplinary conference where a multitude of research disciplines converge with the purpose of creating a greater insight into a complex global Web than the sum of their individual parts. Please find more detailed information in the specific section of this website.