Dedalus Motivation

Nowadays society is data-driven, and data is considered the most valuable economic resource. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the last few years the data scientist has been considered the sexiest job of the 21th century. Acquiring skills in data science increases employability as well as opportunities to find a new job or improve working conditions. As a consequence, well-known universities (e.g. Harvard, ) and ICT big companies (such as IBM, SAS, and so on) have proposed specific courses and certification paths with the aim of developing skills and competences needed to become a data scientist. However, at present, these new learning opportunities have critical limitations that can be ascribed to the fact that:
  • Courses are fragmentary in time and space.
  • The syllabus of these courses are very different.
  • A certification recognized at European level related to data literacy and data science profession does not exist.