DEDALUS final conference – Novi Sad, Serbia

The final conference for DEDALUS project was organized on February 4th, 2022 in Novi Sad, Serbia. It was held in a hybrid format – while some participant attended it face-to-face, other attended online, via WebEx communication platform.

 The tiny paper about the DEDALUS project got the Best paper award at the 1st conference on online teaching for mobile education. Thanks to all the collaborators Dr Ugljesa Marjanovic, MBA Luis Fernández Vera Pospelova Manuel León Urrutia Sergio Splendore Laima Urbsiene from Consortium members. Please more information about the initiative on the Conference website.

After about two years of work, the Dedalus project moves towards its end. For this reason consortium members will join a panel discussion within the Erasmus Days 2021 agenda. They will share lessons learned during the piloting of data literacy courses, in particular talking about results and feedback from stundents and from professionals.

How do Universities and companies deal with Data Literacy? To find an answer to this question, the Consortium of Dedalus managed a research coordinated by the University of Southampton. Please find below the executive summary, and the downloadable versione of the report (PDF) at the end of the page.

DEDALUS project is running for achieving its objectives. After the research phase, the Consortium in now managing the courses creation and the piloting phase.Parnet Universities are in charge of handling their lessons with students, so please find below a provvisional planning of what the Consortium is carrying on.


Is Data Literacy perceived as an important aspect of the personal competences? How are data competences spread around Europe? Are learning opportunities and initiative effective and well-known? To find responses to these question consortium partners of DEDALUS project carried out a large research, both thanks to desktop activities and interviews, in order to draw an European overview. 

Consortium members have been gathered in Palermo on 20th and 21th of January, 2020. It has been an extraordinary opportunity to meet each others, exchange thoughts and compare different expertises in order to move ahead the activities of the first intellectual output.

Welcome to DEDALUS, a joint research project funded under the Erasmus+ Programme with the aim at DEveloping DAta Literacy courses for University Students

The project aims at equipping students with the necessary competences to cope with future digital challenges and to create an additional value for the enterprises and industries where they would be employed.